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Liliana Patricia Women's Empowerment Life Coach for Living the Life of Your Dreams

liliana About: Liliana Patricia is a Jungian Spiritual Life Coach. Her focus is on working with You: the smart, ambitious, compassionate woman who has done everything you can think of to be happy, better yourself, and have the life of your dreams. However despite everything you have done you still feel unsatisfied, trapped, and in many cases stuck. You know that happiness is your birthright, that there is so much more to life than what you are currently experiencing, and you have so much to offer the world. Above all this you know that you "don't want to die with the music inside of you."

Liliana Patricia: Since Liliana was a child she knew that she wanted to be of service to the world, and that is why when she grew up she chose a helping profession as her career. Liliana became a social worker, and she was blessed to work with a variety of individuals and groups all with diverse mental health issues and problems. ...read more

What Clients Are Saying

Liliana’s coaching and support made all the difference as I stepped out into unknown territory and got out of my “comfort” zone. Her wealth of experience provided me with a wide variety of support that I found not only motivating and encouraging, but helped give me the extra momentum I needed to step out of my comfort zone and grow.

Jo Ann Fritz

Liliana has been an awesome coach–it truly has been a pleasure working with and being coached by her. Through our sessions I was able to address and explore certain areas that kept reoccurring in my life, especially those areas that I need to grieve and let go of. Liliana is very knowledgeable and creative, kind, and non-judgmental.

Lily G.

I had a very positive experience with Liliana after a very long period of trying to deal with several stressful life changing situations in my life. She helped guide me to some of the main source of my troubles and by doing so, it was able to help me realize some key things to work on or let go of entirely on my path to my true self.

Louise R.