• 3 Tips to Help Guide You When Making Decisions

    One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to get to a point where you know who you are, and where you are able to build trust in the decisions that you make. However as we all know this is a journey. Therefore in the meantime I wanted to provide you with some tips on how you can begin to develop trust and confidence in the decisions that you make.

    1. Pay attention to your feelings and not only to the messages that you are getting. Everyone tells us to listen to our gut, but a lot of times we can get confused in our attempt to do so. For example the messages in our head and/or the messages that we get might be telling us one thing, and we may interpret these messages as being accurate. They may or may not be accurate and that is where it can get very confusing. Therefore the best way to decipher what is true for you is by paying attention to your feelings. How do you feel despite the messages that you are getting is what is going to help guide you in listening to your gut.

    Example: A couple of years ago I was going to a top notch dentist. At least this is the reputation he had, he was supposed to be a mercury free dentist, and above and beyond anyone else. Therefore I started to see him, but I would have a very unpleasant experience every time I went to see him. I mean no need to tell you how much I fear dentists but this seemed a little beyond.

    However I kept telling myself that it was just my nerves, that he was top notch therefore an excellent dentist, etc…… Nonetheless the more I kept going the least I liked his work, the more tense I felt, etc.. I finally decided to get answers from my meditations, and the message that I got was that I could continue to go to him.

    My feelings on the other hand were telling me different. I finally decided that I needed to try and pay attention to what I was feeling instead and that is when everything changed. I found another dentist who I completely felt comfortable with, I no longer experienced those unpleasant feelings that I was experiencing, and I ended by finding out that the dentist who I felt so unpleasantly with was not ethical as he tried to ripped me off.

    Luckily I have a cousin who knows about billing, knew what to ask him, and instead of ripping me off he ended having to give me back money that he should have never taking from me in the first place as I had insurance and as I had also over paid him. Therefore pay attention to your feelings!

    2. How you ask the question and what type of question you ask is important. When tuning in to your own being for guidance how you ask the question is important because depending on how you ask it you might get one response or another response. Learn to ask questions that are going to guide you in your individuation process, in your growth, in your evolution rather than almost forming a type of dependence where you don’t trust the decisions that you are making unless you ask is it x or is it y as if it was a fortune telling type of thing.

    For example, it is very different for you to attempt to ask your inner wisdom the following: Is it okay if I stay in this job? You might get yes it is okay and you might interpret that as you needing to stay in that job when that may or may not be the case. It might be okay for you to stay there, but who knows there could also be a better opportunity for you elsewhere.

    A better question might be, show me what steps I need to take in order for me to grow in my career, in my job, etc… This allows your Higher Self to guide you. You might be guided into calling an old friend because you want to know how she is doing, and all of a sudden she tells you that her company is hiring and that you should apply, etc…

    3. This one I got from ACIM: “Is it peaceful and compelling?” When trying to make a decision about doing something, ask yourself is it peaceful and compelling? Does the decision or choice that you are about to make bring you peace, and do you feel compelled to do it? If so there is no reason for you to listen to your fears as to why you might have to continue to think about it, and simply go ahead and do it.

    Example: I understand that maybe not all decisions may feel peaceful nor compelling. For example, public speaking to me does not feel peaceful nor compelling, but my higher self knows that this is an opportunity for me to grow, and get out of my comfort zone, and getting out of our comfort zone does not always have the peaceful and compelling feeling that we would desire to have, but deep down we know we need to make.

    Nonetheless there are other things that we certainly feel peaceful and compelled to do, and we may even experience an inner nudging inside of us saying do it, do it, do it. When this happens why do we doubt, why do we have to continue to question ourselves whether or not we should do what our soul inside of us is nudging us to do. That is when you ask yourself is it peaceful and compelling, and if the answer is yes, stop doubting and just go ahead and do it.

    One example, Some years ago I was practically broke as I was a student living pay check by pay check, and spending all the money that I earned on school, transportation, bills, etc… I remember that it was New Years’ Eve and I was coming from work and passed this homeless guy. It was raining, and something inside of me felt compelled to give him not $5.00. not $10.00, but $20.00.

    Of course my ego kicked in and said, you know you need every penny you make, you know you are hardly making any money yourself, you can probably use those $20.00 on something you need for yourself; $20.00 dollars that is a lot of money, who are you Santa Claus? If the case was different you could help him out, but financially speaking you are hardly making it yourself.

    At first I listened to my ego, but my higher self kept on nudging me, until I realized that the decision that felt more peaceful and compelled was to simply give him the $20.00 and that not giving him the money would actually have deprived me of my peace, and as we know peace does not have a price.

    I finally gave him the money, wished him a Happy New Year, and got a million dollars in return simply by seeing the smile on his face, by him blessing me for what I had done, and by the richness that I felt in my heart. That alone was worth more than anything, and I still managed to take care of myself financially.

    Conclusion: A lot of times we already know what to do, but we just don’t trust that decision. Other times our ego interferes and fears, doubts, and uncertainty kicks in making our decisions even more difficult to make.

    Then there are those times that are even worst because deep down we know we are not choosing what is best for us, yet perhaps because we want to avoid confrontation, or because we ignore the wisdom that our Higher Self may be providing to us, we go ahead and do that which deep down we know is not what we want.

    I challenge you to begin to pay attention to your gut feeling and to begin to develop trust and confidence in your decisions. No one can’t tell you what is right for you but you. No one has the answers but you as the answers already reside inside of you. Therefore use the above tips and begin to develop trust in yourself and in your decisions.

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  1. Eileen Burns says:

    Brilliant Blog Liliana great reminder on what we have to chose for our self. This resonated with me for various reasons, interestingly I had the same experience with a holistic dentist.

  2. A very insightful and thought provoking article, thanks.

  3. Sian says:

    Great post Liliana! I love the question is it peaceful and compelling! When I’ve made a decision, sometimes I feel completely at peace and then I know I’ve made the right one!