• Happy New Year 2017

    It’s a new year, and if your culture is anything like mine New Year’s Eve is a day where we think a lot and reflect on the year that is ending. We evaluate whether or not it was a good year for us, we remember the things that have occurred, and we also remember with nostalgia the loved ones who have departed to be with God.

    Therefore since this is a great part of my culture this past New Year’s Eve couldn’t have been the exception, and I made time to reflect and think about how 2016 was for me, and in doing that something magical happened. I not only thought about 2016 but also about my whole life.

    I reflected on everything that I have been through, both good and bad, ever since I was a child. I reflected on how although my parents’ parenting wasn’t exactly the best, l now know that they have always loved me.  I reflected on the many tears that I have cried, but I also reflected on the many smiles and joy that I have experienced.

    I reflected on my so called failures and on my triumphs.  I reflected on my challenges but I also reflected on my blessings, and I came to realize that I would not change my life for anyone else’s despite it not always having been easy-peasy.

    This led me to reflect on my experience in working with people, and how they have carried with them their past for the majority of their lives; a past that very often dates back to their childhood.

    What they have often failed to realize, prior to working with me, is that it is that past the one that is ruling their life. In other words we are conditioned by our past, this conditioning then unconsciously rules our life; the decisions we make, and how we operate and live our life.

    We then wonder why our life is the way it is, we blame it on outside circumstances, and we end up feeling stuck.

    In order for this pattern to change, you have to make the unconscious conscious by discovering what is in your shadow. There are different ways to discover what is in your shadow, but the easiest way to know what is in your shadow is by looking at your life. However your life is, is simply showing you your mind; showing you what you think about the world, how you see the world, and how you believe the world to be.

    I do acknowledge though that this is difficult to do on your own, especially since what is ruling your life tends to be unconscious and hidden in the shadow.

    That is where I come in to help you uncover what is in your shadow, so that you can make the unconscious conscious and begin to live your life from a powerful place rather than from your conditioning. Nonetheless I will share with you one simple thing that you can begin to do on your own. Begin to take responsibility for your life. Stop seeing things as happening to you and rather begin to see them as happening from you.

    Taking responsibility does not mean that we are going to judge ourselves or blame ourselves. It simply means that we are going to tap into the powerful being that we are, realize that now that we are adults we are the creators of our life, and we are going to take charge of our life.

    Once you make the unconscious conscious you get to make a choice to no longer allow your life to be led by your past; by your conditioning. You are now in control and when you look at the past you are able to appreciate everything, and realize that every experience and person who has crossed your path has helped you become who you are today.

    Once you make the unconscious conscious you get to stop dwelling on your past and instead you get to celebrate it.

    This is what I want for you. I want you to have the freedom to live a conscious and fulfilled life. A life where you are the driver, empowered, and happy. A life where when you think of your past regardless of what has happened to you, you get to celebrate it because it has led you to find yourself and create the empowered life that you only dreamed about in your wildest dreams.

    It is the beginning of the year. Time flies as you might have experienced in 2016. We don’t know how short or long our life is going to be, and you deserve to have a fulfilled life while here on this wonderful planet. You are not broken regardless of what you might have been through.

    Let me help you tap into your empowered self so that you can create your wildest dreams in 2017. Apply today for a free consultation and let’s celebrate together your wonderful journey.

    Happy New Year and make 2017 be your year of success and transformation.

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  1. Anna says:

    Love this blog! What a great message to set us up for the year ahead!

  2. Eileen Burns says:

    Happy New Year Liliana another lovely blog

  3. Kim Marshall says:

    Very powerful and inspiring blog. Thank you x

  4. Nina says:

    Fantastic post! Happy New Year x

  5. Sarah Arrow says:

    I love this, you share your strengths and your vulnerabilities in a powerful message – thank you. Time indeed does flie and we have to make the most of what we have, as well as consider our legacy.