• How to Come from Empowerment in Any Situation

    On Sunday night I had a very interesting experience, at least now I can call it interesting. What happened is that I am in this group where on Mondays they have this thing called Kindness Monday. Kindness Monday is the day where you get to offer your services for free with no pitch nor sell; simply for the mere purpose of giving.

    However let’s get honest people also do it as a way for people to get to know them, and possibly in the future if the services were liked, worked with them. So although there is no pitching nor selling, it is a way to get others to experience your work and get a feel of you.

    That being said I have been editing certain things on my website, but there is just this particular thing on my home page that I am not able to edit at all. Therefore when a woman in this group offered her VA Services, I took her up on it.

    I clearly explained that all I needed was to be able to have access to edit a particular section on my home page. I asked whether that was something that she could do or not because I did not want any other changes done to my site, nor did I want my site to be affected in any way.

    She sounded like a pretty nice lady, confident as to what she could do, and she agreed that she could work on it. I blindly trusted her expertise for several reasons:

    1. So far my VA experiences have been to the least okay.
    2. She is from that group, so I figured that made her trustworthy.
    3. She is a mature enough woman to know what she can or cannot do; and to let people know when she is not able to do the job.

    However I was wrong.  I forgot to mention that, I have no idea what she did, but we were no longer able to to log in to WordPress. On top of that she had no idea how to resolve the situation, and my attempts to resolve it led to nothing.

    Obviously I was upset and highly frustrated. Since I am blunt I let her know how upset I was for having a problem that prior to working with her I did not have. She was very apologetic stating that she understood, and that nothing like this had ever happened to her before. Okay I could take her word for it, but that still did not solve the problem.

    For a little while in my mind the following went through my head: “No wonder there is a saying in Spanish that says that what is cheap ends up costing more.  No wonder they say that there is nothing free in life. Now I am going to end up paying double than what I would have originally paid.  Great, this is not how I intended to spend my Sunday night.

    Oh no there goes my Monday and everything that I had to do that day. I am probably going to have to spend the whole day trying to resolve this matter, next time instead of being so trusting I should just ask more questions…., that is what you get Liliana for trusting other people, etc….”

    However one of the things that I noticed is that despite the thoughts that crossed my mind, I ironically still had this sense of calmness mixed with everything else. Somehow I was still able to tap into a calmness deep inside of me which is really strange to describe because it seems impossible to be upset, frustrated, and calm at the same time.

    It seems impossible but if we think of emotions being just energy than I guess all the mixed emotions that I felt start to make a little bit more sense.  I tuned in to what I was feeling, and I noticed that although I was upset it was not as nearly as upset as I would have been in my past. I also noticed that although I was blunt with the lady I still managed to remain respectful.

    Finally I also noticed that once I let go of the mind chatter and got in tune with my center, something inside of me told me: “common Liliana you know that in the grand scheme of things as irritating as this is, this is nothing compared to more serious things.

    You also know that even though this woman turned out to not know what she what she was doing, she was not malicious about it. It is not like she did it on purpose to screw with the peaceful Sunday night that you had planned.”

    Therefore I decided that I was going to do the following instead:

    1. I decided that I was NOT going to judge myself for feeling whatever I was feeling: upset with this woman, and frustrated for the situation that she had “caused.”

    2. I asked God and my angels for help. I didn’t even pray because that is how exhausted I was, but I simply asked my Spiritual Family for assistance.

    3. I reflected on that if people and circumstances are showing us our mind, what then could this be showing me about my mind? I knew that I had to take responsibility as to what this may be showing me about my mind.

    4. I also realized how this year I am stepping out of my comfort zone in even greater ways than last year, and in that I am growing. Therefore I remembered how scary this is for the ego and that this alone is enough to make it become vicious. In understanding this I was able to step away from the drama, and clearly see what was going on. I also work with archetypes and there is a specific archetype called the trickster which whole purpose is to bring chaos in order to restore balance. Therefore I was able to observe by certain things that have been happening since yesterday that the trickster has been present these last two days , but as much as we might not be thrilled when the trickster shows up, the trickster archetype does give us an opportunity to restore our balance despite the chaos.

    5. I was determined to make my intention that this matter was going to get resolved, and that I was going to focus on the solution instead of ruminating on the problem.

    6. I asked for help.  I posted in the same group what had occurred without mentioning any names, and I asked if anyone had suggestions as to how to go about fixing this.

    7. Rest.  I knew that after all this I needed to get some rest, and I did.

    Results:  The amount of feedback that I got from the group, was not only touching but also very helpful. It turned out that the solution was very simple. All I had to do was contact my webhost, and since it is opened 24 hours, I was able to contact them at around 0300.

    I explained to the man who I spoke with what had occurred. He did something from his end, and asked that I checked my site. I did and saw that there were a few things back, but not everything was back. He told me to give him about 30-60 minutes, and that if everything was not back to normal I would then have to hire someone to fix the problem. I agreed. Oh he also did his magic and I was able to log in again to WordPress.

    Well what was my surprise when in about 3 minutes after I had hung up the phone, my site was back to normal. All I could feel was an immense feeling of gratitude.

    Conclusion: Our ego has a way of making us believe that problems are bigger than what they really are, and we forget that we are bigger and more powerful than our problems. We also forget that the Universe not only has our back, but puts the right people in our path to guide us in finding the answers or solutions that we are not able to find on our own.

    Would you like to learn how to come from empowerment in any situation in your life? If so apply for a Free Consultation. I can help you find your own answers, and the solutions that you are not able to see on your own.

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  1. Anna Jones says:

    Lovely post! I especially like the conclusion- it’s a great lesson.

  2. Iole says:

    “Our ego has a way of making our problems seem bigger than they are” such a great insight!