• “Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up.”

    Last year in the following blog: http://souljourneylifecoach.com/ending-my-weight-loss-battle/ I shared how I had struggled for so many years with my weight, and it was then when I decided to do what I called: end my weight loss battle.

    Unfortunately 2 months later 2016 ended, and I still had not been able to fully get out of that battle completely nor really make any significant progress. Nonetheless I never forgot the commitment that I had made to myself which was to end my weight loss battle and in the process shift how I perceived my body. In other words come from a gentler and kinder perspective when it came to how I felt about my body.

    Therefore I started 2017 simply knowing that this was the year that I was going to accomplish being in a healthy weight, and making peace with my body and with food. I didn’t know how long it was going to take, I suspected that it was still going to continue to be a rocky journey with its ups and downs, but I was certain that this was not another year that was going to end with me feeling frustrated regarding my weight nor my body.

    I was ready, I was determined, and I was going to do it.  One day in March I came across The Camp Transformation Center. I had never heard of them, but they were starting a 6 week challenge that I am now so glad to have joined. The challenge consisted on following their food plan, exercising 5x/week, and getting weighed in every Monday.

    I can now say that although I was not able to do this plan 100% as there were a few times when I ate outside the food plan, I always exercised at least 5x/week, and I always weighed in every Monday.

    The times when I had my little “food relapses” I can honestly say that with the exception of one time they were brief, and it was just for one meal, but then I immediately got back on track. I also made sure to be honest and not lie about how I was doing.

    Also being a Jungian Spiritual Life Coach for Women’s Empowerment, and knowing what I know about how to work with the mind, well let’s say that I became my own coach which is rarely easy to do for anyone; but somehow God gave me that ability to at times be able to do this for myself.

    I also made this goal my priority and I took some time off from my business and from social media to put all my focus and energy on what I now call my weight transformation journey.

    Well everything that I did was truly worth it as I started with a weight of 176lbs on April 17, 2017 and ended with a weight of 154lbs on May 29, 2017. I had finally been able to come below 170lbs which I rarely had been able to do in the past, and the few times when I did, I always ended putting back the weight.

    This time around I know is different. I have fallen in love with exercise and I have discovered an eating plan that works for me. I feel so much better to be at a lighter weight which according to the trainers I am at my ideal weight for my height of 5’5. What they are now recommending for me is that I work on toning or as they call it doing the hard body challenge.

    I am not able to start one at this time as I have a one month upcoming flight that interferes with being in LA to do this. However I have kept exercising and eating 90% of the times how I did when I was in the challenge.

    My weight transformation journey continues. I still want to be a few sizes down, lose a little bit more weight, and tone. I still don’t have a magazine body, I am not quite sure whether I will ever have one, and I am not sure if that is even realistic.

    However what I do know is that I love this new healthy life style, that I now feel that I have control of what I choose to eat and what I don’t choose to eat, and as long as my choices are conscious I am okay with them. I am now not able to picture my life without having exercise in my life, and most importantly I have come to have a greater appreciation, love, and respect for my body.

    My goal is not only to continue to transform my weight, but also to continue to honor and respect my body. Without a body my soul would not have a human home to reside in, plus my body gives me a lot more than what I give it, so how can I not be eternally grateful for it?

    For this blog I focused on updating you regarding my weight transformation, and I sure hope that my journey helps you in appreciating and loving your body regardless of its current size, weight, or shape. As you know you can always transform it to one that it’s more ideal to you.

    Nonetheless what I mostly want you to get out of this blog is the fact that even with all the struggles that I had in regards to weight for over a decade, and despite the countless failures that I had in this area, I never gave up.

    Therefore I want to end by asking you to NEVER GIVE UP! Never give up on what is important to you, never give up on accomplishing your goals, and never give up on living your dreams. It does not matter how many times you have “failed,” it is not the end until it is the end, and if you are reading this it means that it is not the end for you.

    Most likely there is still a lot of potential and possibilities for you, and if I was able to get unstuck with one of my biggest challenges, so can you. I did it in combination by doing my own work as related to the mind, but I needed help with the food and exercise piece, and I got some help in that area.

    Therefore remember you don’t have to transform your life on your own. I am here and will be happy to help you.

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    DISCLAIMER: This blog is NOT intended as recommendations to how to lose weight, nor where to go to lose weight.  Always consult with your physician, doctor, or with your nutritionist regarding any changes that you are planning to make regarding your weight and your health.  This blog is intended solely to inspire you to never give up on your goals nor your dreams.  You are responsible for yourself, for your health, and for your well being, so take responsibility for your life and for yourself!

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