• The Number One Reason You are Miserable


    Before I begin to talk about why you may be miserable, let’s first explore your level of happiness. I am going to start by asking a few questions that I want you to think about and answer:

    1. On a scale from 1-10 how happy are you with 1 being completely miserable and 10 being extremely and completely happy? If you are a 10, great!!!! I don’t think I hear too many people say that, so good for you. Maybe you want to share with all of us your secret. However if you are like most people you might be somewhere in between, or perhaps you are currently struggling and you are at the lower numbers. Whatever the case is, no worries, you can begin to make shifts and embark right now on your happiness journey.

    2. Now that you have that number, assuming that you are not a 10, I want you to ask yourself what is between you and your 10? Pay really close attention to your answer. Whatever the answer is most likely is something external. For example, maybe you have a job that you hate, or maybe you are overweight, or maybe you don’t have the money that you would like to have, or maybe you are unhappily married, or maybe it is because you are still single, or maybe you do not know how to make your goals a reality, maybe it is because your boss is just plain mean, maybe nobody understands you, maybe you feel lonely, maybe you can’t afford to do what you want, maybe you don’t have the freedom that you crave, etc…., etc…, etc…,

    3. Now that you have identified what is between you and your 10, I want you to ask yourself what is stopping you from getting to your 10? You might be thinking hmm, didn’t I already answer that question. What is stopping me is my boss who is mean, does not like me, and therefore I am not able to move up the ladder. Well let me tell you that what you think is stopping you is not what is stopping you.

    The only one stopping you from being, doing, and having what you want is YOU; no one else but you!

    So why would you stop yourself, and what is the number one reason why you are so miserable? The number one reason why you are so miserable is because “you have forgotten who you are.” The first time I heard this was from the teachings of A Course in Miracles, and the 2nd time I heard this was in my Jungian Coach Training.

    Let me explain to you what is meant by this. You believe that you are an ego, and you have forgotten that you are whole and complete. You have forgotten where you came from which is from Source. You are Divine, whole, and complete but you have forgotten this, and instead you believe that you are an ego that needs to survive in this world, so instead of operating from your Divine Higher Self you operate from your ego (survival).

    In Jungian Psychology the ego is that part of your psyche in your conscious mind that we call the “I”. It’s your identity. The function of the ego is survival; it is there to protect us from what it perceives as “dangerous” such as change, moving out of your comfort zone, etc…

    The ego does not want you to remember who you are because as already mentioned its function is to survive, and if you remember who you are the ego believes that it will die. Therefore the ego will put up a fight, it will put up its defenses, and do whatever it needs to do to keep you from remembering the truth: that you are Divine, whole, and complete.

    So what can you begin to do to remember who you are and transcend your ego:

    1. Begin to take responsibility for your life. Don’t see things as happening to you, but more as happening from you. That means that your life is a reflection of what you believe and feel about yourself. If you believe you are a victim, people will mirrored what you believe, and you will be victimized. If you know that you are a Divine Being, whole, and complete who has the power to create what you want, well life is going to mirror that to you as well.

    2. Stop judging things as good or bad, and instead see everything as an opportunity for growth and expansion. So if your boss is mean to you, I am not asking you to simply let it be, no that is not what I am asking. What I am asking is that you begin to realize that he is simply mirroring something in you. Maybe you have the belief that people don’t appreciate nor value you. So your boss is simply showing you your mind. If you become aware of this you can change it around by beginning to work on knowing that you are a valuable person.

    3. Know that You are the answer, you are the source, and everything is inside of you already. What this simply means is that you are the one that holds the key to your life, to your happiness, and to what you create for yourself. A relationship making you happy, a job making you happy, a car making you happy, money making you happy can all be superficial and temporary things. What happens when they are gone? Then do you become miserable? It is important for you to do the internal work and know that happiness is inside of you, abundance is inside of you, your value is inside of you, love is inside of you already and the cherry on top is that once you know who you truly are; once you live as the Higher Self that you are you get to share that love with someone else who just like you is now coming from a higher place.

    You are here to live life as a 10 not as a 1. If you want to stop living as a 1 or perhaps you are at a higher number, but still continue to struggle with being happy and realizing your dreams, what are you waiting for? How much longer are you willing to put up with misery or mediocracy?

    It is completely up to you, but remember that life is short and every minute that you spend being unhappy and dissatisfied is a minute that you could have spent being happy and  fulfilled.  Apply for your 30 minute free consultation to embark on your happiness journey.

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  1. Eileen Burns says:

    Nice blog Lilliana I totally agree no matter what challenges you think you are dealing with on a human level, you are enough, you don’t need anymore

  2. Jill says:

    You hit the nail right on the head! Such an eloquent explanation of how to deal with our perceived problems.

  3. Sian says:

    Great empowering post Liliana!

  4. Patti says:

    I really like how you put this in perceptive “why you are so miserable is because, you have forgotten who you are”. Great post!