What Clients Are Saying

Liliana’s coaching and support made all the difference as I stepped out into unknown territory and got out of my “comfort” zone. Her wealth of experience provided me with a wide variety of support that I found not only motivating and encouraging, but helped give me the extra momentum I needed to step out of my comfort zone and grow.  Liliana has a gentle spirit and a kind loving manner that made all the difference. She guided and encouraged me as I faced my fears and now I look back at the genuine changes that have occurred because of her coaching. I am very grateful to have had Liliana as a coach.
~Jo Ann Fritz
Dundee, IL

Liliana has been an awesome coach–it truly has been a pleasure working with and being coached by her. Through our sessions I was able to address and explore certain areas that kept reoccurring in my life, especially those areas that I need to grieve and let go of. Much of our work has had to do with loving myself and allowing myself to see me as the truly divine being that I am, that we all are. Liliana has many practical ways that encouraged and challenged me to make positive and real changes regarding my personal life and my career. Her coaching has made me feel more centered and more connected. Liliana is very knowledgeable and creative, kind, and non-judgmental…definitely an old soul.
~Lily G.
Long Beach, California

I had a very positive experience with Liliana after a very long period of trying to deal with several stressful life changing situations in my life. She helped guide me to some of the main source of my troubles and by doing so, it was able to help me realize some key things to work on or let go of entirely on my path to my true self. She has a very natural way of assisting you in addressing any fears and challenges that you were aware of and even some that you weren’t – and this helped me immensely in my path to my emotional and mental well being. She helped me get past a lot of guilt that I was carrying in my heart and it helped me to finally move forward. I felt very at ease with her and I highly recommend her.
~Louise R.
Sun Valley, CA

My experience with Liliana as my coach was positive and comforting. I felt heard and that I did matter. Most importantly she taught me that in order to improve my romantic relationship I needed to begin to improve my relationship with myself. She provided me with direction and clarity as to how I could begin to make the necessary internal shifts, so that I could experience first a deeper connection with myself and then with my partner. I am able to see the growth in myself and in my life. I am more decisive, I am putting myself through school, and I am approaching my relationship in a more mature manner. Liliana has provided me with enormous support and I am very grateful.
Los Angeles, California

Liliana is a wonderful coach. Through working with Liliana I have begun to achieve clarity in my thinking and have been able to observe my thought patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from achieving the life I wish to create. She is warm and insightful and gently challenges me when it is needed. Thank you Liliana for all your support and encouragement as you guide me through working with my mind to bring about new and exciting opportunities to my life.
London, UK

Liliana is an amazing coach. She dives deep into working with her clients and really makes you think. She has a way of getting straight to the heart. She’s very dedicated to her clients and sees beneath the surface of things. Liliana is brilliant and talented, but also exceedingly kind and generous. I loved working with her!
~Renée Suzanne
Chicago, Illinois