• When Unexplainable Things Happen

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    I am someone who does not care to watch the news, and I am not at all interested in changing this.  However somehow I still manage to find out about what is going on in the world.

    I would think that most people know about the tragic events that happened recently in the United States.  First a young female singer who participated on The Voice was shot to death, and then a day later we wake up with the news of what occurred in Orlando at a gay night club.

    I can only imagine the trauma that the people in these events must have experienced, and I can only imagine what all the families who lost their loved ones must be going through.

    I do not know any of the people who were killed nor their families, but my heart goes out to them, and I pray that with time they are able to find peace in their hearts and the strength to keep going on despite how difficult it may be.  It is times like these when I wish I had some special power to make everything all right, but I don’t.

    When things like this occur we start to question a lot of things such as why do such things happen in the world, but we may not always know the answers.  I don’t claim to have all the answers as I believe that no one does.  All I can do is share my humble thoughts with you in hopes that they might shed some light.

    So why do such things happen?  I know that there are people that blame God thinking well if he is Almighty why does he allow such things.  In my opinion God does not cause these things, and I almost feel sorry for him for how much he gets blamed for pretty much everything.

    Who causes these things and why do they occur?  As mentioned before I do not claim to know everything and all I can do is share my thoughts, but it is up to you to find your own answers.

    Before I share a few of my thoughts I want to emphasize that I am doing it with a lot of respect, and that what I am sharing are simply my thoughts from everything life has taught me.

    • That being said I would think that some of the reasons why such things occur is due to ignorance.  Sometimes ignorance can be disguise in fanaticism and the person might wrongly be convinced that what they are doing is actually a good act.
    • Another reason for bad news and tragic things occurring in the world is because people have forgotten who they are, and instead of living as their True Higher Self/their Divine Self, they are living from their ego. 
    • We have what Carl Jung term persona which can briefly be identified as our social identity and/or the mask we show to the world.  Someone in their persona might be someone who is against a certain group, certain beliefs, and may judge certain individuals, ideas, or opinions as wrong and immoral, etc…; but in their shadow that person might be hiding what he/she so harshly judges and criticizes. The shadow can be shortly and briefly defined as that which we deny, repress, or reject about ourselves.  Such person might be triggered by someone who mirrors what in their shadow they reject, repress or deny about themselves and in some cases they might react by committing horrific acts.  Now this would be considered an extreme case of course.
    • We do not embrace the concept that we are all one, and we think that we are separate.  We see each other as being separate from one another, and we fail to realize that when we hurt another we are actually hurting ourselves.  When others are different than us we may judge them to be wrong because of their differences.  We possess ignorance, lack tolerance, and if we bring some religions into the mixture that may make things even worst.  I heard someone say the following, I do not remember who, and I might be paraphrasing: ” Religion divides while spiritualism unites.”  I am not against religion as I belong to a religion myself; but I  have seen greater peace, acceptance, and love in spiritualism than in some religions.
    • Finally I had a teacher from ACIM  that taught me that somewhere in our minds we believed that it is possible for such things to happen; we believed the illusion. What I understand this to mean is that bad things happen because we believe that it is possible for bad things to happen. This is not meant as finger pointing at ourselves nor blaming ourselves for the bad things that happen.  It is meant for us to examine our thoughts and our beliefs as to what we think and believe is possible in the world. Once we  have done that we can be mindful of our thoughts and affirm “the truth” in others and in the world.  For example, even if someone is less than kind we can work on seeing that person differently and affirming the truth for them even if that person cannot see the truth for themselves.  What that would look like is that we see beyond the persona and we work on seeing the Divinity that they do not see in themselves.  We can also remind ourselves that the world is simply a reflection of our mind.

    Conclusion: I understand that it is extremely hard to not be impacted by such acts, and it is normal for fear, worry, and anger to arise. However what I want to point out is that despite all the tragedies that may occur, there is actually more good going on in the world than evil.

    I don’t mean to be a Pollyanna, but I do feel that it is important for me to point this out. It is just that all the good the goes on in the world hardly ever makes the news, and a lot of times all the good that goes on in the world is seen as simple acts that to some may not be worth mentioning. In other words the good a lot of times goes unnoticed, but if we would pay attention to all the good that goes on we would not finish counting.

    Hopefully you are not one of the families, friends, or acquaintances that lost their loved ones this weekend, but if you are I ask that you simply be very gentle with yourself at this time, and allow others to help you and be there for you.  In addition please know that without physically knowing you we all hold you deeply in our hearts and  in our prayers.

    For the rest of you I ask that you turn your fear, worry, and anger into something useful and creative. We all have heard of people that have turned their tragedies into something altruistic and productive for human kind. Let’s not wait for a personal tragedy to occur for us to do this.

    You don’t even have to do something major. It can be as simple as asking yourself, how can I begin to live as my higher self so that I can be happy and my presence can benefit the world? It can be as simple as how can I show more love to my family? What simple random act of kindness can I do today? It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger.

    Whatever you decide to do simply remember that:

    1. There is always more good going on in the world than evil.
    2. Events like the ones that recently occurred can be used as a reminder to “be the change that you want to see in the world.”



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