• Who Are You?

    I recently had to give a speech and now that it is done I feel relieved that it is done and grateful. Why? Well it is no secret to anyone that public speaking is the number one fear for most people, and if the statistics changed without me knowing, well then it is still way up there in rank. However looking back at it I think that it also had to do with having to talk about who I am, and the focus being on me.

    I realized that it is easier when the focus is on clients, when my whole attention is devoted to them, than when the focus and the attention is on me. Therefore as nerve racking as it was, I didn’t die, and I am grateful for that experience.

    Nonetheless as with everything I do this led me to think about life, about who we are, and about why we are here. Questions that are not new to me since I started asking these questions at a very early age, and I can gratefully say that I have found the answers to a lot of my questions.

    Therefore, I take this as an opportunity to ask you the following:

    •Who are you?

    •Do you know who you are?

    •How do you determine who you are?

    •How do you define yourself?

    •Why are you here?

    In my opinion these are deep and profound questions that can be answered in numerous ways, and I guess that it is only fair to share a little bit about how I define who I am. Please have in mind that this is the highly condensed version of who I am.

    I am is a spiritual being connected to a Higher Source which I call God, someone who knows where she comes from (my roots) and finds strength in that, and someone who had the privilege to have had a grandfather that showed her what love is.

    This pretty much translates to the following which is true not only for me, but for all of us.

    •You are what Jung called the Self and I call the Higher Self. You are already whole and complete.
    •You have a power, a life force inside of you, and the strength that you need to create your wildest dreams.
    •Simply stated who you truly are is love. You are love, and if you are trying to find the meaning and purpose of your life, it pretty much summarizes to being love and doing what you love.

    Conclusion: Regardless how you choose to define yourself, to what you do in life, to what is important to you, this is who your truly are:

    You are a Master Piece whose purpose is to share that jewel that you are with the world in your own unique way, as each of us have different gifts, and to live life knowing and being the love that you are.

    I recently watched a movie titled Love at First Glance, and I am paraphrasing one of the lines in the movie that said something like this: “Isn’t what you love in life what it’s all about?” I would also add isn’t living life like the love that you are, what it’s all about?

    If you need help living life as who you really are which is love and a master piece, apply today for a Free Consultation and begin to tap into the powerful being that you are.

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    One last thing, please share with me who you are by leaving a comment below. Who are you beautiful being?

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  1. Eileen Burns says:

    Another great thought provoking blog Liliana 🙂

  2. Patti says:

    I really like this: You are a Master Piece whose purpose is to share that jewel that you are with the world in your own unique way. Living your purpose is the key to living a life to the fullest. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jackie Meek says:

    Thank you. We are stronger when we realise we can plug in to our source of life.